LEVEL-UP Facilitator Training Package


  • The complete home study course which includes curriculum manual, companion journal and the online chapter per chapter video support PLUS
  • Online lesson plans complete with activities, crafts, video prompts, discussion and FUN
  • Downloadable PDF’s of lesson plans
  • Access to the LEVEL UP Facilitator Community Facebook private group with monthly trainings and exciting ways to present the principles and ideas from fellow peers
  • A JUMPSTART facilitator certification training TO LAUNCH YOU ONTO YOUR OWN LEVEL UP JOURNEY and learn the “flavor” of experiential teaching. Certification is taught via zoom. Look for the certification dates in the frame below.
  • For those creating your own LEVEL UP community, school program, or afterschool group, additional manuals and journals available at a discount when 5 or more are purchased.

The Ultimate Teen Empowerment Curriculum Course

Know Brainerz – LEVEL UP  Empowering possibilities was born out of a series of  two day experiential retreats that brought teens to a keen awareness of the power of direction and creation that they possess when they learn how to level- up in their own lives.

  • Discover the science of your body and mind to redirect and propel
  • Learn a new language that draws in a new frequency to all you do
  • How to deal with bullying, comparing and esteem issues
  • Bring awareness to how you spend your time and what are your numbing mechanism
  • How to Face your fear and bring light to solutions and decisions
  • Find your passion and life purpose and bring it into existence with new daily habits
  • Plus much more in this fun interactive guide…

LEVEL UP takes you on a journey of empowerment as you peel back the influencers of today and see how the past has shaped how you react to life.  Created in 12 chapters,  LEVEL UP is a course curriculum created for private home study, after school groups, home schooling communities and much more.  Created for the TEEN and the TEEN is all of us, LEVEL UP is a JOURNEY OF YOU.  Filled with Applicable tools, brain storming ideas, Brain teasers and science factoids, LEVEL UP’s engaging curriculum is creatively presented around the theme of modern day electronics and the programs that run them.  Engaging with stories and examples, the course manual serves as a workbook and personal journey.

LEVEL UP guides and enlightens using the science behind your brain and body.  The colorful and entertaining manual complete with QR codes with video support leads you on a journey of transformation through the science of YOU.  Supported with weekly deep dives and live zoom calls, participants can see how to personally apply the information for the transformation that is possible and exciting.  Empowerment has never been so enlightening and fun.

Manual and journal mailed the next business day. Immediate online video access to the first chapter after checkout. Chapter 2 access to videos delivered after day 7. Chapter 3 access delivered on day 14 and availability of remaining chapters delivered every 3 days thereafter. Full course access after 40 days.

Satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you are not thrilled with this life changing curriculum, you may contact us at [email protected] before day 14 for a refund. Manuals and journals must be returned in pristine, unused condition for a full refund.